App Vue Component

App Vue component is the main Framework7 app component where all the Framework7 core initialization happens and where you pass all main Framework7 parameters.

App Components

There are following components included:

  • f7-app

App Properties

f7-app component receives all App parameters as component props.


  <f7-app v-bind="f7params">
    <!-- ...  -->

  import AboutPage from './about.vue';
  import ServicesPage from './services.vue';

  export default {
    data() {
      return {
        f7params: {
          name: 'My App',
          id: 'com.myapp.test',
          // routes
          routes: [
              path: '/about/',
              component: AboutPage,
              path: '/services/',
              component: ServicesPage,
          // ... other params